police procedurals 📞:



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you should be living:

The past week I feel like I have been living in a snow globe between the the fluffy white flakes, the glittering opulence of Tom Jenkins’s wedding and last night, where I got to dine with the author Angie Cruz (on the writing department’s dime!) and then give a speech on her behalf before her reading to a packed room.

The semester is collapsing upon itself and x-mas break is nearly here where I’ll be reading both for pleasure & work as I read through manuscripts for GVSU’s literary magazine.

I just made an apricot cobbler but it has an odd aftertaste. My first thought was arsenic, but I’m still alive, so that’s probably not it.

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the view from upstairs:


The House of the Devil is really good.

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Just got back from having Birthday dinner with my mem mem and pep pep. Found out that my dad accepted a new job and is going to be moving to Shanghai for a year…possibly before the holidays so now I’m eating a second dinner (poutine) and watching tv.

I’m pretty excited about visiting Shanghai and am excited that the Angela Deckard world domination tour continues.

In other cultural news, I’ve been trying to teach Scott the most important parts of french culture because I care about him:


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slow gold & green gloom:



A year without haircuts//never been better.

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celebrity makeover:

My hair is finally long enough to put into a top knot and with this hair do I cannot tell if I look like the bad boy from the crossfire commercial or bat boy. I hope this new celebrity look will positively influence the influx of tips I receive tonight.

Past hairstyles that made me look like the corresponding celebrity:

Pixie cut after being freshly washed: Perry Farrell

Inky black bob: Professor Snape

It should probably be noted that shortly after moving to Michigan in 6th grade, my mom convinced me to get ‘the Rachel from friends’ haircut which ruined my life for a whole year due to my crippled styling abilities.

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god help me:

I need to find a new spot in Grand Rapids that serves poutine. The lady that took in my phone order recognized my voice and the fact that I sometimes require poutine multiple times a week is not information I’m comfortable with anyone* knowing.

*anyone: Any person in real life that I have to make eye contact with and pretend that I am not a disgusting animal.

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